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The March 7 2014 top forecast in the Dow ...on a 15 min chart...found with ease


The New Andrews Pitchfork Indicator takes Andrews techniques to the next here for updated chart





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Jan 31 Why the market may crash

Jan 23 Top in Nasdaq

Jan 13 S&P major top

Jan 8 Hogs

Jan 1 Gold

Some use the Andrews Babson Reversal Indicator




                 Euro Nov 7


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Bonds ....Direction Change 1/31

Bonds .......Interest rates going up.

Bonds continued 1/15/2013

The Dollar...EURUSD

Market neutral investing






Apple going down profit ladder and later........Apple Crumble Continues








  6/4/2012 (Up she went there after)

Russell Index

Sugar update....original Sugar

Dow top at ORE (Down she went unitl 6/4/2012)

Gold .....then see....Gold update

A dump comming in Commercial Real Estate? 




Golden Pivot Rule

S&P update 4/12/2012






Stock Posts since July 12, 2012




MXWL              UP over 15% in a week and a half


AMZN                 Small loss quickly

ISRG                  14% move complete two days later

SPREAD           Up about 40% within a month

GOL                   Up over 20% within a month

UAL                    Over 20% move within a month













































































Posts on Wordpress over time

The market run goes on

Finding reversals intra day...Jan 11 (video)

Video Forecast with how I do it Jan 4, 2012

Forecast for week of Jan 3, 2012

Target for January S&P

S&P Dec 20 posted 12/20/2011

S&P Dec 21 posted 12/21/2011

Intraday trading secrets on


Detailed forecast for CNN __S&P 12/09

Detailed forecast for CNN...S&P 12/08

Forecast for gold posted 11/28/2011

Forecast for gold posted 12/27/2011

Forecast for OIL posted 11/18/2011

Bonds post on 12/20/2011



To see our posts over a one month period during a fairly crazy market with real time forecasts go to the latest video page.  

Many will consider these charts forecasts. Regardless of their accuracy, they are only posted for educational purposes and are to be considered as wild guesses.



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Charts are posted to illustrate the concept and not as buy or sell advice


Babson said the most important line for finding reversals is the center line. Andrews said the best center line if the Ore center line finder which finds the reaction points noted above and below Above is weekly and below is daily.







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